Chilbeontong sosageon

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Chilbeontong sosageon
Chilbeontong sosageon 1936.jpg
Na Woon-gyu (left) in Chilbeontong sosageon.
Revised Romanization Chilbeontong Sosageon
McCune–Reischauer Ch'ilbŏnt'ong Sosagŏn
Directed by Na Woon-gyu
Produced by Hyeon Sung-wan
Written by Na Woon-gyu
Starring Lim Woon-hak
Na Woon-gyu
Hyeon Bang-ran
Park Sook-ja
Cinematography Son Yong-jin
Edited by Na Woon-gyu
Distributed by Chosun Kinema Co.
Release date
  • November 15, 1936 (1936-11-15)
Language Korean
Budget 2,000 won

Chilbeontong sosageon (Incident of the 7th Bamboo Flute) is a 1936 Korean film directed by and starring Na Woon-gyu. It premiered at the WooMiKwan theater.


This action-oriented film tells the story of a traveling theatrical troupe. When one of the actresses is sold to criminals running an opium den, Na Woon-gyu's character rescues her and returns her to the troupe.


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