Chin-Up Buttercup

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Chin Up Buttercup
Holly McNarland Chin Up Buttercup.jpg
Studio album by Holly McNarland
Released June 5th, 2007
Recorded N/A
Genre Rock
Length 44:31
Label Curve Music
Producer Jeff Dawson
Holly McNarland chronology
Home Is Where My Feet Are
Chin Up Buttercup

Chin Up Buttercup is a 2007 album by Holly McNarland.

Track listing[edit]

  1. So Cold (McNarland)
  2. Fly (McNarland/Wozniak)
  3. DaDaDa (McNarland)
  4. Sweet Lazy (McNarland)
  5. Every Single Time (McNarland)
  6. Dear Pain (McNarland)
  7. Dry as a Bone (McNarland)
  8. Bye Bye Boy (McNarland)
  9. Mermaid (McNarland)
  10. The Waltz (McNarland/Wozniak)
  11. Memory of a Man (McNarland)
  12. Sad Songs (McNarland)