Chin Shunshin

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Chen Soon Shin
Born (1924-02-18)18 February 1924
Kobe, Japan
Died 21 January 2015(2015-01-21) (aged 90)
Kobe, Japan
Occupation writer, critic
Genre novels, cultural critics

Chin Shunshin or Chen Shunchen (陳 舜臣) (18 February 1924 – 21 January 2015)[1] was a Taiwanese-Japanese novelist, translator and cultural critic. He is best known for his historical fictions and mystery novels, including First Opium War, Chinese History, Ryukyu Wind.[2]

Major works[edit]

  • Roots of Dried Grass (枯草の根)
  • House Three Colors - Showa Treasure Mysteries (三色の家), Fusosha
  • The Sapphire Lion Incense Burner (青玉獅子香炉)
  • Chinese History (中国の歴史)
  • Ryukyu Wind (琉球の風)
  • Genghis Khan's Family (チンギス・ハーンの一族)
  • The Taiping Rebellion. Translated by Joshua A. Fogel. orig. Taihei Tengoku. Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe. 2001. ISBN 0765601001. 


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