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Chipley Priory was a small Augustine religious house, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, located about 1 mile (2 km) north-west of the village of Poslingford in the English county of Suffolk.[1][2] The date of its foundation is unknown and the first references to it occur in 1235.[1][3] The priory never became a major house – a taxation roll from 1291 shows its income at less than £5 per annum – and by 1455 the buildings were ruins.[1] By 1468 the Bishop of Norwich allowed the lands to be annexed by the College at Stoke-next-Clare.[1][3]

The site is occupied by a 17th-century farmhouse which incorporates some medieval building material believed to come from the priory buildings.[3][4] The priory church is believed to have been destroyed in 1818 and human remains and other artifacts have been recovered from the site, with a stone coffin and bell kept at Poslingford church.[3]


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