Chita Power Station

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Chita Thermal Power Station
Chita Thermal Power Station.JPG
Chita Power Station is located in Japan
Chita Power Station
Location of Chita Thermal Power Station in Japan
Country Japan
Location Chita, Aichi
Coordinates 34°59′12″N 136°50′37″E / 34.98667°N 136.84361°E / 34.98667; 136.84361Coordinates: 34°59′12″N 136°50′37″E / 34.98667°N 136.84361°E / 34.98667; 136.84361
Status Operational
Commission date 1966
Owner(s) Chubu Electric Power
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas, Fuel Oil
Combined cycle? Partial
Power generation
Units operational 6
Nameplate capacity 3,966 MW

Chita Thermal Power Station (知多火力発電所?, Chita Karyoku Hatsudensho) is a large thermal power station operated by Chubu Electric Power in Chita, Aichi, Japan.[1]


Plans to build a power station in Chita were drawn up in the early 1960s, with the first unit coming on line in February 1966. A total of six units were built to power the cities of Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya Metropolis.

Units 1-4 were modernized and converted to be able to burn natural gas in 1985, whereas Units 5-6 were designed for use with natural gas from the start. From 1992-1996, Units 1, 2, 5 and 6 were shut down and were converted into combined cycle plants by adding another gas turbine to the existing boiler-turbine units to reuse exhaust gases.,[2] This gave the plant a total power generating capacity of 3966 MW, which makes it one of the largest in Japan.[3]

Generating Units[edit]

Unit 1 Combined-Cycle (operational)

  • Rated capacity: 529 MW
  • Operational: February 1966
  • Fuel: LNG

Unit 2 Combined Cycle (operational)

  • Rated capacity: 529 MW
  • Fuel: LNG

Unit 3 (operational)

Unit 4 (operational)

  • Rated capacity: 700 MW
  • Fuel: Heavy Oil, Crude Oil

Unit 5 Combined-Cycle (operational)

  • Rated capacity: 854 MW
  • Fuel: LNG

Unit 6 Combined-Cycle (operational)

  • Rated capacity: 854 MW
  • Operational: April 1978
  • Fuel: LNG

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