Chitralada Royal Villa

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Coordinates: 13°46′14″N 100°31′18″E / 13.77056°N 100.52167°E / 13.77056; 100.52167

Chitralada Palace Moat

Chitralada Palace or the Chitralada Royal Villa (Thai: พระตำหนักจิตรลดารโหฐาน; rtgsChit Lada Raho-than) is the Bangkok residence of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) and Queen Sirikit. The palace is part of the Dusit Palace complex. King Bhumibol was the first king in the Chakri dynasty to live in the Chitralda Palace. He moved there after the death of his older brother, King Rama VIII in the Grand Palace. The palace grounds, 4 m2 surrounded by a moat and Palace Guards, also contain the Chitralada School, initially established for the children of the royal family. The school is the most exclusive school in Thailand.


The main building of the palace is a two-storey building, founded by Rama VI. The palace was the residence of Rama VI. The palace school, Chitralada School was founded in 1958 for the children of the Royal Family and palace staff. Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti is currently a pupil in the Chitralada School.

A dairy farm and factories were built as the King is interested in agriculture and agricultural industries. Research centres on agricultural products were also founded to provide training for farmers. 'Chitralada' is also the 'brand' of many products from the palace.

Visitors need to obtain a pass to enter.