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Chloé Valdary
Chloe Valdary.jpg
EducationUniversity of New Orleans
Occupationwriter, political activist

Chloé Simone Valdary is an American writer and political activist.[1][2]

Early life and education[edit]

Valdary grew up in New Orleans, in a family that belonged to the seventh-day Sabbatarian Christian Intercontinental Church of God.[3] In 2015, Valdary graduated magna cum laude from the University of New Orleans, earning a BA in international studies.[4]


Valdary founded a pro-Israel student group, Allies of Israel, while a student at the University of New Orleans.[5][6][7] According to The Times of Israel, Valdary "garnered widespread attention" with an article she wrote in Tablet in which she argued that pro-Palestine activists misappropriate the narrative of the Civil Rights Movement.[3]

Valdary says that she became interested in Israel after viewing Freedom Writers, a 2007 film about a teacher who uses material about the Holocaust to help her inner-city students understand the racism they face in their own lives. She regards Pastor Dumisani Washington of Christians United for Israel and Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project as her mentors in pro-Israel activism.[3]

She served as a Robert L. Bartley Fellow and Tikvah fellow under journalist and political commentator Bret Stephens at the Wall Street Journal.[when?][8]

Valdary has written articles for The Jewish Press, CAMERA on Campus, The Times of Israel, and Israel National News.[9]

Valdary serves as director of partnerships and outreach for Jerusalem U, an Israeli education organization.[10]

Political views[edit]

  • On racism in Israel: “Israeli society, like any other society, has issues with discrimination, but in terms of systematic discrimination, like apartheid in Africa or Jim Crow, that does not exist in Israeli society.”[3]
  • On two-state solution: "Valdary opposes a two-state solution, favoring a 'Jewish one-state solution' in which all citizens in Israel and its territories can vote, but 'the culture, the personality' of Israel is Jewish."[3]


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