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Choma may refer to: choma area in Uluguru Mountains, Morogoro District, Morogoro Tanzania (Distance from the equator: Choma 1868.7 km South • Morogoro 758.4 km South. • Difference: 1110.3 km to the North. Choma Distance from South Pole: 8138.4 km. Morogoro Distance from South Pole: 9248.6 km).



  • John Choma (professor) (died 2014), American professor of electrical engineering
  • John Choma (American football) (born 1955), American football player
  • Russ Choma, American investigative journalist
  • Waluguru wa Choma (people of the hills, lived in Choma area, Northern part of Uluguru Mountains, which is also under Traditional Chiefdom, CHOMA CHIEFDOM OF LUKWELE DYNASTY) in Morogoro Tanzania.
  • [Chomana dudi] - Kannada movie

Other uses[edit]

  • Choma (Burn), 1971 album by American saxophonist Harold Land

Choma Chiefdom of Uluguru Tribe situated in Choma area in Uluguru Mountains Morogoro - Tanzania, East Africa under Lukwele Dynasty (established by Lukwele Royal Clan in 1850). The current Ruler is 'Muharatwaga' (Prince Regent) His Highness Mussa Ally Salum Bwakila Lukwele Bin Msumi (from 29Th September 2015). The previous Rulers are His Majesty Sultan Lukwele I (1850 to 1865), His Majesty Sultan Salum Lukwele 'Mdimang'ombe' Bin Msumi (1865 to 1971), Interregnum (under three Segumba brothers from 1971 to 1998), His Highness Chief Ally Salum Bwakila Lukwele III (1998 to 2004), Interregnum (Under Royal Clan Council from 2004 to 29Th September 2015).