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Dalca (reconstrucción).JPG
Reconstruction of a dalca, the boat used by the Chono people
Total population
Regions with significant populations
 Chile: Chiloé Archipelago
Chono language?
traditional tribal religion
Distribution of the pre-Hispanic people of Chile

Chono or Chona is a generic name for a nomadic, indigenous people of the Chiloé Archipelago, Chile. They are now extinct.

The Chono became extinct during the 18th century with the last survivor going missing in 1875.

The putative Chono language is known only from local toponyms and from an untranslated catechism.


Men hunted marine mammals, especially sea lions, while women gathered shellfish and seaweed. The Chomo used nets and spears to gather food from the sea, but supplemented their catch with potatoes and other plants from small gardens. Their healing places consisted of caves or leather structures.

References and notes[edit]

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