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Chris Parkinson is a writer, poet and prankster from Brighton, UK. He has been writing and performing poetry since 2004.[1] In 2007 he was co-founder of the world's first Poetry Brothel,[1][2] an interactive poetry event which won several awards[3] and inspired subsequent poetry brothels in New York, Leicester, Barcelona and Chicago.[1] He has released three collections of poetry.[4]

In 2013 he placed an advert on the website Gumtree about a man wanting a lodger to dress up as a walrus which went on to inspire the Kevin Smith film "Tusk",[5][6] and was flown out to America to become associate producer on the film.[7] He also reported a vortex to another dimension appearing on a residential street in Brighton which featured on Have I Got News For You.[8]

His 2014 Brighton Fringe event "Moonshine" won Best Literature in the Brighton Fringe Awards.[9]


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