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Chrishaunda Lee Perez is a writer and producer known for her work as co-writer and co-producer of the short film, "The Forever Tree", and book, "Share The Dream: Building Noah's Ark One Prayer at a Time".

Chrishaunda Lee earned her start in entertainment first serving as a publicist, then in front of camera corresponding on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2004, and later on "Entertainment Tonight" in 2005. A long-time animal advocate, Chrishaunda co-hosted the show, "Animal Attractions" for PBS in 2007.

Most recently, Chrishaunda released her first novel, "We Come as Girls, We Leave as Women", about high school senior girls overcoming personal challenges as they head towards graduation.

Chrishaunda Lee Perez is a graduate of Wesleyan University.

The niece of Oprah Winfrey, she graduated from Miss Porter's School. As a result of the changes that Winfrey saw in her niece, she created five permanent scholarships.[1]


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