Swedish Fly Girls

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Swedish Fly Girls
Directed by Jack O'Connell
Produced by Jack O'Connell
Starring Birte Tove
Music by Mose Henry
Distributed by American International Pictures (US)
Release date
20 August 1971
Running time
99 minutes
Country Denmark
Language Danish, English

Swedish Fly Girls is a 1971 drama film, also known as Christa.[1] The English title is misleading, since the lead character is Danish.


Christa is a 23-year old Danish single mother, who as a stewardess meets many men. While she enjoys her promiscuity and carefree, urban single lifestyle, Christa seeks marriage with a man who will accept both her and her son Rolf, who lives with her parents.

As Christa forms temporary relationships with an Italian businessman (who does not want to be a stepfather), an American artist (who wants an open marriage), and a French conductor (who tells her that he is too dedicated to music to give her what she wants), a private detective follows her. Torben, wealthy and reckless heir to a family fortune and Rolf's father, tried to force Christa to abort their son. He insists to her that she will return to him and secretly builds a library of dossiers on her lovers, while his business empire collapses from overaggressive expansion.

London lawyer Derek is Christa's most serious relationship; she accepts his proposal, and plans to move to Australia with him. Torben threatens to use the dossiers and his greater financial resources to gain custody of Rolf, forcing her to end the engagement. After his last hope for saving his company fails, however, Torben commits suicide in front of Christa. The film ends with Derek, Christa, and Rolf reuniting.


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