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Christian Leotta (born 1980 in Catania, Italy) is an award-winning Italian virtuoso pianist. Leotta has a vast repertoire and is now recognized for being the youngest pianist since Daniel Barenboim to perform and record all 32 Beethoven Piano Sonatas.

He began his study of piano at the age of 7, furthering his studies at the Milan Conservatory under Mario Patuzzi and is a former pupil of the acclaimed pianist Karl Ulrich Schnabel. Leotta studied at the Theo Lieven International Piano Foundation and also with Rosalyn Tureck at the Tureck Bach Research Foundation at Oxford. He also studied at the Literature and Philosophy faculty of Milan State University. Leotta officially began his career in the year 2002 in Montreal at the age of 22 and began to perform the complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas, which Leotta completed in a period of less than a month.

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