Christianity in Niger State

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Christianity is a major population in Nigerian Niger State, where Sharia is valid. Nine churches in Kontagora were set ablaze in 2006.[1] Minna has a Living Faith Church, a Grace Baptist Church, Victory Christian Church and The Apostolic Church. The Church of Christ in Nigeria is present in the state.[2] A bomb attack allegedly by Boko Haram killed three persons in All Christian-Fellowship Mission in Suleja, Niger State on July 10, 2011.[3][4] Muslim Rights Concern has condemned this.[5] Churches in Minna and Gwada have been burned, too.[6] Faith Mission Church is present in the state. A Roman Catholic Diocese of Minna has its seat in the state and decidedly is a minority within its area.[7] Evangelical Church Winning All is present in Madalla.[8] The Evangelical Missionary Society used to be active in the area of Niger State.

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