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Christine Mohrmann (1953)

Christine A. E. M. Mohrmann (Groningen, 1 August 1903 – Nijmegen, 13 July 1988) was a specialist in early Christian Greek and Latin, vulgar and medieval Latin and honorary professor at Amsterdam University and at the Catholic University of Nijmegen (now Radboud University) where most of her teaching and research was conducted. Early researches involved her with amongst other writers Augustine, Cyprian and particularly Tertullian. She wrote mainly in Dutch, English and French and was particularly known in the English-speaking world for her studies on St Patrick's Latin and for establishing the journal Vigiliae Christianae (1947).

Selected works[edit]

  • Liturgical Latin (1957)
  • The Latin of Saint Patrick: Four Lectures (1961)
  • Etudes sur le Latin des Chrétiens (4 volumes, Rome, 1958–77)


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