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Christine Sefolosha (born 1955) is a Swiss painter, born in Montreux.

Work and exhibitions[edit]

Her works have been shown at numerous one person and group exhibitions, including at the Cavin Morris Gallery in New York, American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore[1] and the Galerie Polad-Hardouin in Paris.[2] and the Halle Saint-Pierre[3]

She regularly shows her work at the Judy Saslow Gallery in Chicago.[4] In 2009 she was introduced to Bruxelles's J. Bastien Art Gallery.[5]

She founded the studio Quai 1-L'Atelier in 2000 within Montreux' train-station waiting room.

Personal life[edit]

Sefolosha is the mother of Thabo Sefolosha, member of the Utah Jazz basketball club and formerly of the Atlanta Hawks, Oklahoma City Thunder and Chicago Bulls clubs.[6]

Sefolosha lived in South Africa for nine years.


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