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Christof Migone is a Swiss-born[1] experimental sound artist and writer, formerly based in Montreal, now living in Toronto.

He is Assistant Professor at the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Western Ontario [2]

Migone's solo recordings include Sound Voice Perform (2006), South Winds (2003), Crackers (2001), Quieting (2000), The Death of Analogies (1999), vex (1998) and Hole in the Head (1996). All of which were recorded on various labels: Avatar, ND, Alien 8, Locust, and Oral.[3] His writing on audio art has appeared in EAR magazine, Radiotext(e), Radio Rethink, Theater Drama Review, Parachute, Site of Sound: of Architecture and the Ear, Experimental Sound and Radio edited by Allen S. Weiss, Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language, S:ON Sound in Contemporary Canadian Art edited by Nicole Gingras, and Aural Cultures edited by Jim Drobnick.

He was a founding member of the audio based artist-run center Avatar in Quebec City. Avatar releases audio projects by artists under the name Ohm/Avatar.

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