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Baron Christoph Feldegg (1780–1845) was an Austrian army officer and naturalist.

Feldegg fought in the Napoleonic wars and in recognition of his many gallant deeds was created a Baron in 1817. He served in Dalmatia, eventually becoming Colonel and Commanding Officer of the 6th Battalion of Chaseurs.

Feldegg accumulated a large collection of natural history specimens, particularly birds. He was a correspondent of C. L. Brehm, John Gould and Hermann Schlegel, and served for a time with the ornithologist Dr Karl Michahelles. His collection was donated to the Natural History Museum in Prague.

Feldegg had a number of birds named after him, including the black-headed wagtail, Motacilla flava feldegg, the Balkan and Black Sea sub-species of the yellow wagtail.


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