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Christoph Huber
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ResidenceGeneve, Switzerland
OccupationCardiac Surgeon; Medical device inventor; Author

Christoph Huber MD, FMH,FECTS is professor and Head of Division of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital Geneva, Switzerland.[1][2] He also maintains an active research program,[3] is an inventor, book author and entrepreneur, having founded the company Endoheart AG.[4]


Christoph Huber completed his Dr. med. at the University Medical School in Basel, Switzerland, General Surgery Residency at the District Hospital Biel and Cardiovascular Residency at the University Hospital Bern, Inselspital, Switzerland.[1] Between 2002-07/08, Huber attended at the University Hospital Lausanne (including a senior cardiac surgical clinical fellowship 2004-05 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA) and Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK (Senior Fellow Congential Cardiac Surgery); returning to University Hospital Bern in 2009 as a Senior Consultant Cardiovascular Surgeon (MD, FMH), Director of the Surgical Transcatheter Valve Implantation (TAVI) Program, lecturer, and Medical Superintendent of adult cardiac surgery.[1][5] In 2016, Huber became the Head of Division Cardiac and Vascular Surgery (Médecin-chef de service) at the University Hospital Geneva (HUG).[1][2] Huber also published a textbook on transcatheter valve therapies (TCVT) in 2009.[5]


Huber developed the transapical (TA) TAVI [5] in 2004 which introduced a less invasive antegrade, versus transfemoral/TF retrograde, approach to the heart,[6][7][8][9] and his later research, into a percutaneious transapical TAVI platform, led to his invention of the first successful experimental closure device (TA Plug).[7][8][10] Huber also opened a startup company [4] and assisted in the development of the Acurate TA (Symetis) device which received CE approval in 2011.[11][12][13]


Sept. 2014 - Swiss SIWF-Award: Distinction as best Swiss teacher for Cardiac Surgery[14]

May 2009 - National Research Prize, Swiss National Heart Foundation: In recognition for development of the transapical TAVI approach (Trans Catheter Valve Replacement of the Aortic Valve - The Direct Access Trans Apical Procedure)[5][15]

Sept. 2005 - St. Jude Medical/C Walton Lillehei Young Investigator's Award, EACTS (19th Annual Meeting, Barcelona, Spain)[1]

Feb. 2004 - ISES Peripheral Vascular Fellow’s Forum Award (2004 Forum, Scottsdale, Arizona): For presentation of ‘New tools for new goals (Ultrasound navigation through the heart for off-pump aortic valved stent implantation)[1]

Oct. 2003 - St. Jude Medical/C. Walton Lillehei Young Investigator’s Award, EACTS (17th Annual Meeting, Vienna, Austria): Do Valved Stent Compromise Coronary Flow?[1]


Swiss Society of Thoracic-Cardiac and Vascular Surgery (SGHC - Board Member)[16]

European Association For Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS - Chair Acquired Cardiac Disease Domain/Moderator Techno College)[17]


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