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Christopher Skaife, Hatchards, London, November 2018.

Christopher Skaife is Yeoman Warder Ravenmaster at the Tower of London.[1] His responsibilities include the care and feeding for the ravens of the Tower of London.[2]

Skaife grew up in Dover, and joined the British Army at the age of 18.[3]

Skaife is a retired Staff Sergeant, and a former Drum Major with the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment.[4]

In 2011, Skaife succeeded Derrick Coyle as Ravenmaster at the Tower of London, where he is responsible for seven ravens.[4]

In 2018, he published The Ravenmaster, which The Guardian called "a wonderfully personal account of life with the ravens".[3][5]


  • The Ravenmaster 2018 ISBN 9780374113346


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