Kromme Dam

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Kromme Dam
Official nameKromme Dam
LocationEastern Cape, South Africa
Coordinates34°0′4″S 24°29′1″E / 34.00111°S 24.48361°E / -34.00111; 24.48361Coordinates: 34°0′4″S 24°29′1″E / 34.00111°S 24.48361°E / -34.00111; 24.48361
Opening date1943
Operator(s)Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
Dam and spillways
Type of dammulti-arch
ImpoundsKromme River
Height39 m
Length247 m
CreatesKromme Dam Reservoir
Total capacity33 282 000 m³
Surface area253 ha

Kromme Dam (old Churchill Dam), is a multi-arch type dam located at the Kromme River (sometimes spelled Krom River), near Kareedouw, Eastern Cape, in South Africa. It was established in 1943 and its main purpose is for municipal and industrial usage.


Kromme Dam lies east-southeast of Kareedouw, south of the path of the Langkloof Valley (R62 road), and on the northern slopes of the Kareedouw Mountains. The dam is 100 km west of Port Elizabeth, at 34° 00' S, 24° 29' E.


The dam has a capacity of 35 million m³, is 43 m high, and has a maximum reservoir area of 2,492 km² and a 12-m lock. Gravity-based pipelines bring the water to the city.


Port Elizabeth grew rapidly in the 1930's. George Begg, the City Engineer, suggested building a dam on the Krom, the closest river with plentiful and good-quality water. Although construction began in 1936, it would not be finished until after World War II. In 1942, it was decided to name the dam after Sir Winston Churchill in honor of his prominent role in that war. Gen. Jan Smuts dedicated it in 1948.


As the dam filled, the waters covered Hendrik Spoorbek's farm (known as Spoorbek's Land).


The Churchill Dam and the Impofu Dam help control periodic floods of the Krom River. These have historically damaged fields and building on the banks and near the mouth of the river.

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