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An opened Churchkey Pilsner can (foreground)

Churchkey Can Company is a brewery founded in 2012 by actor Adrian Grenier and former Nike designer Justin Hawkins in Seattle, USA. The brewery's name refers to its flagship beer, which must be opened using a can piercer, or "church key".

Brewery history[edit]

Based in the SoDo neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, the brewery is the brainchild of Hawkins and Grenier, the latter being better known for starring in Entourage.[1] The pair met in 2010 in Portland, Oregon,[2] and the recipe for the beer was created by two local homebrewers.[3] Unusual for a microbrewery, some of the funding for the company has come from technology investors.[4]

But they went out of business because they couldn't figure out how to keep the cans from "bulging!" Reference article here:

Churchkey beer[edit]

The brewery's only beer is a Pilsner-style lager with 29 IBUs and 4.9 percent ABV. It is packaged in a 12-ounce steel can made by Ball Corporation that is designed to be recyclable,[2] as is the churchkey that is included with purchasing a six-pack.[3] As of 2014 the beer is only available in the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas and San Francisco.[5]

From their introduction in the 1930s up until the 1960s, most beer cans were made of steel and had a flat top into which one needed to punch one or two holes with a can piercer, euphemistically called a "churchkey". With the advent of the "pop-top" aluminum can, this type of beverage can has disappeared almost entirely. The reception for Churchkey's retro style can has not been entirely positive, with some beer enthusiasts dubbing it "the most hipster beer in the world".[6]

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