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Cicada is a superfamily of insects, as well as a genus within that group; Cicada.

Cicada may also refer to:


  • Cicada (band), an electronic music band in the United Kingdom, active since 2002
  • Cicada (Hazmat Modine album), a 2011 album by Hazmat Modine, and its title track
  • "Cicada", a song from the 1995 Silverchair album Frogstomp
  • "The Cicada's Song", a song from the 2004 Autopilot Off album Make A Sound

Other uses[edit]

  • Cicada (comics), a villain of The Flash comic book series
  • Cicada 3301, an "Internet mystery"; a set of complex Internet puzzles
  • Cicada (mythology), several references in classical literature
  • Cicada (horse) (1959–1981), an American Hall of Fame racehorse
  • Cicada, an alternative spelling for Tsikada, a Russian satellite navigation system established in 1974