Cinco Días con Nuestra Tierra

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Cinco Días con Nuestra Tierra
5 dias.png
Genre Agricultural Fair
Location(s) Mayagüez, Puerto Rico
Founded 1977
Patron(s) UPRM

Feria Agrícola Educativa Cinco Días con Nuestra Tierra is a five-day agricultural fair held every year in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. The event is organized and worked by volunteer students, alumni, professors, and personnel, the university collaborate in an institutional level and collaborates in other matters.[1] Hundreds of thousands of people attend the fair, the majority being school excursions, environmentalist and agricultural clubs, elderly groups, communities, impaired children, churches and general public interested in learning agriculture. Federal and local agencies also participate, such as the "Autoridad de Desperdicios Sólidos", "Servicio de Extensión Agrícola" and the Department of Agriculture, among others.[1]


The Feria Agrícola Educativa Cinco Días con Nuestra Tierra began being celebrated in 1977, fully organized by students, professors and associations of the agriculture faculty of the university. The event at its beginning took place in the lobby of the "Jesús T. Piñero building", main building of the College of Agricultural Sciences since then the fair has evolved into one of the most important agricultural fairs in Puerto Rico.[1]

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