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Cinema Sewer is a movie magazine published by Robin Bougie of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It has been published either biannually or yearly since 1997.[1] The publication is in a comic-book-sized format, and uses graphic pornographic comics, illustrations, and writing to focus on and review classic films in the exploitation, blaxploitation, sexploitation, horror, and porn genres. It also covers obscure underground creations such as video mixtapes and employee training videos. In October 2007, UK publisher FAB Press published a book collecting the best of the first 12 issues, which has since gone into three reprinted editions. In 2008, a second book (volume 2) was published by FAB Press, and subsequent books appeared in 2011 (volume 3), 2013 (volume 4), 2015 (volume 5), and 2017 (volume 6).


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