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The Circassian Coast

Circassian coast (Adyghe: Адыгэ хы аушу Adyge xy aušu; Russian: Черкесское побережье Čerkesskoe poberž′e or Черкесское причерноморье Čerkesskoe pričernomorje) was the coast of historical Circassia on the Black Sea before 1864, extending from Anapa in the North to Adler in the south, and including cities like Tuapse and Sochi.

The coastline was ceded to Russia in 1829 as a result of the Caucasian War and the Russo-Turkish War, However, in 1828 the Circassians did not admit the Russian control over Circassia because Circassia was not considered a part of the Ottoman Empire, claiming the Circassians were the real owners of Circassia, hence kept resisting the newly established Russian outposts along the Circassian Coast and the inner lands in the Circassians Russian War.[1][2]

Provision of weapons and ammunition from abroad to the Circassians caused a diplomatic conflict between the Russian Empire and Great Britain in 1836 referred to as the Mission of the Vixen.[3]

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