Cirrus fibratus

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Cirrus fibratus
Cirrus front over Austnesfjorden, Austvågøya, Lofoten, Norway, 2015 April.jpg
Abbreviation Ci fib
Symbol CH 1.png
Genus Cirrus (curl of hair)
Species fibratus (fibrous)
Altitude Above 6,000 m
(Above 20,000 ft)
Appearance fibers, threads[1]
Precipitation cloud? No

Cirrus fibratus is a type of cirrus cloud. The name cirrus fibratus is derived from Latin, meaning "fibrous".[2] These clouds are similar to cirrus uncinus, commonly known as "mares' tails"; however, fibratus clouds do not have tufts or hooks at the end.[3] The filaments are usually separate from one another.[4]

Like other cirrus clouds, cirrus fibratus occur at high altitudes. They can indicate an approaching warm front;[5] however, they can also be an indication that fair weather will follow.[6]

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