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Cissy, Cissie or Cissi may refer to :


  • Cissie Caudeiron (1909–1968), Creole nationalist and folklorist
  • Cissy Chandler (died 1954), wife of American author Raymond Chandler
  • Cecilia Cissi Elwin Frenkel (born 1965), Swedish journalist and television presenter
  • Zainunnisa Gool (1897–1963) anti-apartheid political and civil rights leader in South Africa, nicknamed "Cissie"
  • Cissy Houston (born 1933), American singer
  • Cissy King (born 1946), American-born singer and dancer
  • Cissi Klein (1929-1943), Norwegian Jewish girl who is commemorated every year as one of the victims of the Holocaust
  • Cecilia Loftus (1876–1943), Scottish actress and singer, nicknamed "Cissie" or "Cissy"
  • Cecilia Östlund (born 1988), Swedish curler, nicknamed "Cissi"
  • Cissy Patterson (1884-1948), American writer and newspaper owner
  • Cissie Stewart (1911–2008) British swimmer

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Other uses[edit]

  • Cissi, an Ancient Roman city and former bishopric in Mauretania, at the site of Djinet, a town and commune in Boumerdès Province, Algeria, now a Latin Catholic titular see
  • "The Cissy", a song by The Action
  • A British spelling variation of sissy used at least prior to the mid 1970s
  • Cisgender or cissexual in LGBT slang (possibly derogatory)

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