Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants

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Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants, or CURE, is a United States prisoner support and prison reform organization that was founded by Charles and Pauline Sullivan in San Antonio, Texas.[1] It has supported legislation such as the Second Chance Act and, most famously, the Federal Prison Work Incentive Act. CURE has a federal branch devoted to federal prisoners[2] and state chapters.[3] There is also an international CURE.[4] According to Williams, "One of the group's problems is that the population for which they lobby (prisoners) does not elicit much sympathy; outsiders frequently do not see the wisdom of giving resources to those who must be in prison."[5]

CURE has a state branch devoted to Florida prisoners[6] and other state chapters.,[7] CURE has a Texas branch devoted to Texas prisoners located in Dallas,TX,[8] they also maintain a Facebook presence [9]