Ciutat de Tarragona International Award for Musical Composition

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The Ciutat de Tarragona International Award for Musical Composition (formerly known as Tarragona International Musical Composition Prize or Ciutat de Tarragona International Composition Competition) is a composition competition taking place yearly[1] in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain), organized by the Tarragona City Council.[2] It was founded in 1993,[3] and was accepted into the World Federation of International Music Competitions in 1996.[4]

The competition[edit]

The competition is open to all composers, regardless of nationality or age. Symphonic works with or without soloists (up to a maximum of 3 are allowed) and with or without electro-acoustic devices are eligible. Submitted works must be unpublished, must never have been performed in public or have received any award, whether under their current title or any other, and must not have been previously commissioned. Winning work is premiered the following year by the Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra and a 12.000 euro cash prize (in 2010).


Members of the jury have included Josep M. Mestres Quadreny, Héctor Parra, Jean Pierre Dupuy, Vicent Paulet, Tomás Marco, Antón García Abril, Martín Matalon, José Manuel López López, Agustí Charles Soler, Albert Sardà, Josep Soler, Edmon Colomer, Joan Guinjoan, Enrico Correggia, and Jordi Cervelló.[3]


Prize-winners include:


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