Clandestinos (2007 film)

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Clandestinos is a 2007 Spanish film directed by Antonio Hens about a young gay male coming out of jail, and the search for his boyfriend and later involvement in ETA. Xabi was abandoned as a child and his feral life led to many spells in reform schools. After being released this time, he meets Inaki, an older man who is involved in ETA terrorism and who becomes a true friend, teacher and lover to the youth. Unfortunately, Xabi is sent to a high security correctional facility after throwing a gasoline bottle at a policeman during a robbery, injuring him severely. Xabi, along with a young Mexican and a Moroccan named Driss, both of whom are to be deported, manage to escape and get to Madrid. They are the "clandestinos" of the title. Xabi looks for Inaki as he wants to join ETA, but cannot find him.

U.S. Release[edit]

Clandestinos was featured in the 2008 New York LGBT Film Festival.

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