Clare Rural District

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 • Created 1894
 • Abolished 1974
 • Succeeded by Borough of St Edmundsbury
Status Rural district
 • HQ Clare

Clare Rural District was a rural district in the county of West Suffolk, England. It was created in 1894. On 1 April 1935 it was enlarged by the addition of the parishes of Lidgate and Ousden from the disbanded Moulton Rural District, Cavendish and Hawkedon from the Melford Rural District and Depden from the Thingoe Rural District. It was named after and administered from Clare.

Since 1 April 1974 it has formed part of the Borough of St Edmundsbury.

At the time of its dissolution it consisted of the following 24 civil parishes.

Coordinates: 52°08′N 0°32′E / 52.14°N 0.54°E / 52.14; 0.54