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Clarence Hutchenrider (13 June 1908 - 18 August 1991) was an American jazz clarinetist born in Waco, Texas. He was a member of the Casa Loma Orchestra led by Glen Gray.Originally from detroit the band was called”Orange Blossoms [1]“before becoming “ Casa La Loma ".Hutchenrider gorgeous soloing contributed to “Casa Loma Orchestra”[2] got them to the top of bands in the early 1930s, they got to play at college dances because they have mastered many styles . In 1943 Hutchenrider had a lung illness which made him come to a stop with his career for the next decade.It wasn’t long before he began to play with several groups .Later on he joined “The Gully Low Band” in 1982 .Clarence was married a short time to model Barbara Lewis-Bradford.Clarence had a daughter Judith Moorefield Hutchenrider-Henderson, born May 19, 1941 in San Francisco, CA.Clarence also had a son named Bradford Hutchenrider.Hutchenrider started playing clarinet and saxophone when he was 14, he also led a band when he was in high school.

Hutchenrider played saxophone as well as clarinet.While he was a member of “Casa la Loma” he was featured clarinetist in addition one of his finest solos was taken on baritone saxophone. He also played another piece on an alto saxophone.In the late 1940s or 1950s he married his second wife, Barbara Schwartz, an avid animal lover.They lived in Flushing, New York from the 1950s until his death in 1991, and he frequently performed in New York City jazz clubs, including the Gaslight, through the 1980s.


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