Clarendon Weir

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Clarendon Weir
CSIRO ScienceImage 4653 Flood waters surge over the Clarendon Weir in the Adelaide Hills South Australia 1992.jpg
Flood waters surge over the Clarendon Weir in 1992
Country Australia
Location Clarendon[1]
Coordinates 35°06′47″S 138°38′00″E / 35.113175°S 138.633452°E / -35.113175; 138.633452Coordinates: 35°06′47″S 138°38′00″E / 35.113175°S 138.633452°E / -35.113175; 138.633452[1]
Purpose Water supply
Status Operational
Construction began 1894 (1894)[2]
Opening date 1896 (1896)
Owner(s) SA Water
Dam and spillways
Impounds Onkaparinga River
Height 14.6 metres (48 ft)[2]
Width (crest) 61 metres (200 ft)[3]

The Clarendon Weir is a weir in the Australian state of South Australia located on the Onkaparinga River in the suburb of Clarendon about 20 kilometres (12 mi) south of the Adelaide city centre.[1]

It was built in 1894–96 as part of the early Onkaparinga Water Scheme, the weir was designed to pool water from the Mount Bold Reservoir, on the Onkaparinga, which is often boosted with water from the River Murray. From the weir water is directed onwards to Happy Valley Reservoir in the Field River catchment through pipeline. The water is used to supply the majority of the Adelaide region's water needs.[citation needed]

The Clarendon Weir wall, originally constructed with large blocks of Macclesfield marble, was raised from 14 metres (46 ft) to its current height of 14.6 metres (48 ft) in the mid-1960s.[2]

The weir was listed on the former Register of the National Estate and has been listed as a state heritage place on the South Australian Heritage Register since 8 November 1984.[3][4]

Clarendon Weir

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