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Clash is a 1929 novel by the English socialist politician Ellen Wilkinson. It focuses on the clash between career and personal relationships, against the backdrop of the 1926 general strike.[1][2] It was Wilkinson's first novel. It was republished by Trent Editions with a new introduction by Ian Haywood and Maroula Joannou in 1998. and is still in print. Ellen Wilkinson, the first woman Labour MP, is best remembered for leading a march of the unemployed from her constituency in Jarrow to London in 1936. Her first novel Clash is set a decade earlier, during the General Strike when Wilkinson was sent as an accredited representative of the TUC to tour the country drumming up support of the strikers. The novel is a work of romantic fiction. It is semi autobiographical and book bears all the hall marks of her first-hand experience of the strike including descriptions of the time she spent with the women in the Yorkshire coal fields during the lock-out of 1926 which followed the strike.


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