Classic (film)

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Theatrical Poster
Directed byDinesh Raut
Produced bySubas Giri
Story byChhetan Gurung
StarringAaryan Sigdel
Namrata Shrestha
Priyanka Karki
Shishir Rana
Dayahang Rai
Music byTara Prakash Limbu
Edited bySurendra Poudel
Subash Entertainment
Release date
Running time
Budget1 crore
Box office1.4 crore

Classic is 2016 Nepali romantic film directed by Dinesh Raut and produced by Subash Giri. The film features Aaryan Sigdel and Namrata Shrestha in lead roles. The movie is made under collaboration of Subash Entertainment and Aryan Sigdel Entertainment. The movie features love story of visually impaired leads.[1][2][3][4][5]



Classic is a musical love story with Aaryan Sigdel (Samay) and Namrata Shrestha (Dristi) as the lead blind characters. Classic takes you through a musical journey of two lovers who go through love, twists and turbulence, success and failure in their lives. Dristi, an aspiring female singer of Blind Aashram meets Samay a band performer, after losing his eyesight he becomes a part of Aashram. Believing in her talent, Samay gives her a helping hand and her career begins to eclipse his.[6]


List of awards and nominations
Ceremony Category Recipient Result
8th Dcine Awards 2016 [7] Best singer Yuvraj Chaulagai Won
Best editor Surendra Poudel Won
Best actor Aaryan Sigdel Won
Best actress Namrata Shrestha Won
Best film Subash Ent. Won


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