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The following is a list of Dinghy classes designed before 1960.

Classic One Design Dinghy and Small Keelboat Classes[edit]

Year Nationality Name Length Designer Builder Origins Active Fleets Notes
1886 GBR Water Wag 13 ft 0 in (3.96 m) Thomas B. Middleton of Shankill Corinthinan Sailing Club Current builders, Cathy MacAleavey, and John Jones. Note: 1900 change to 14ft3ins by James (or Maimie) Doyle from Kingstown Water Wag Club, Kingstown c/o Royal Irish Yacht Club, Royal St. George Yacht Club, National Yacht Club 47 boats built to date. Active club with up to 28 boats racing every week of the summer season [1]
1896 GBR Droleen 12 ft 0 in (3.66 m) Mr. W. Ogilvy of Bray Local amateur builders Bray Sailing Club No fleets New boat built in Bray by amateurs in 2014. [2]
1896 GBR Colleen L.O.A. 6.71m. James E. Doyle of Kingstown Various builders Dublin Bay Sailing Club No fleets At least three boats still
1896 GBR Cork Harbour One Design 29 ft 0 in (8.84 m) William Fife Royal Cork Yacht Club
1898 GBR Seabird Half Rater 20 ft 0 in (6.10 m) Mr. Herbert Baggs and Mr. W. Scott Hayward Lathoms of Hesketh Bank West Lancs Yacht Club Wallasey Yacht Club, South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club, Treaddur Bay Sailing Club Source[3]
1906 GBR West Kirby Star 16 ft 9 in (5.11 m) George Cockshott 1st 8: Latham of Crossens West Lancs Yacht Club West Kirby Sailing Club
1911 GBR Thames Estuary One Design (TEOD) 18 ft 0 in (5.49 m) F. C. Morgan-Giles Alexandra YC Southend on Sea & Essex YC Leigh on Sea Gunter Rig [4]
1911 GBR Yarmouth One Design Class 20 ft 10.5 in (6.363 m) Henry Longmore Theo Smith, Yarmouth, and two by Woodnutts, St. Helens Solent Yacht Club Royal Solent Yacht Club, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight 13 built. originally gaff rigged, adopted Bermudian rig in 1936[5]
1912 GBR International 12 foot dinghy 12 ft 0 in (3.66 m) George Cockshott Various builders in UK, NED, ITL, TUR, JPN. Netherlands, Italy Turkey, Ireland and Japan first one-design racing dinghy to gain international recognition. Used as sailing equipment at 1920 and 1928 Olympic games.
1913 GBR Hamble One Design 18 ft 0 in (5.49 m) A R Luke Luke & Co (Hamble) Hamble River Sailing Club Not Active [6]
1919 GBR 18 foot dinghy 24 ft 6 in (7.47 m) G.L. Watson & Co. used in the 1920 Summer Olympics as a double handed Olympic class; 18 ft LWL
1919 GBR Essex One Design (EOD) 18 ft 0 in (5.49 m) F. C. Morgan Giles Cole and Wiggins, Leigh on Sea Essex YC Leigh on Sea Bermudan Rig [4]
1920's USA Snowbird (sailboat) 15 ft 6 in (4.72 m) plans from Rudder magazine (1921) Tom Broadway, G.V. Johnson The Snowbird was the Olympic Monotype Class for the 1932 Olympics. See Newport Harbor Nautical Museum, California
1920 IRL Shannon-One-Design 18 ft 0 in (5.49 m) F. C. Morgan-Giles Walter Levinge of Creaghduff, Coosan, Kineavy, Ward, Jimmy Furey, Peter Quigley, Eric Goodbody, Liam Maloney, Edwin Brennan, Doughal McMahon, J Jones, Cathy MacAleavy Lough Ree, Derg & North Shannon Yacht Clubs Lough Ree & Lough Derg Yacht Clubs, Gunter Rig, Designed for use on the river Shannon and her lakes Approx.147 boats built, and over 30 boats compete at regattas annually.
1921 FRA French National Monotype 1924 16 ft 0 in (4.88 m) Gaston Grenier used in 1924 Olympics
1923 GBR St Mawes One Design 18 ft 0 in (5.49 m) William Francis Peters 45 Active[7] [8] Note: Ballasted Centreplate Dayboat
1923 NZL P-class yacht 7 ft 7 in (2.31 m) Harry Highet Originally at Onerahi then Tauranga
1926 GBR Hamble Star 14 ft 0 in (4.27 m) A R Luke Active[9]
1927 GBR Brightlingsea One Design 0 ft 0 in (0 m) Robbie Stone Stone Shipyard Active[10]
1931 GBR Sea View One-Design 12 ft 0 in (3.66 m) V.A. Warren & Son Sea View Yacht Club Active at Sea View over 200 built: largest local one-design fleet on the South Coast of England[11][12]
1931 AUS 12 Square meter Sharpie (dinghy) 19 ft 8 in (5.99 m) Kroger Brothers Australia UK, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal
??? GBR Norfolk Dinghy 14 ft 0 in (4.27 m)
1931 Worldwide Snipe (dinghy) 15 ft 6 in (4.72 m) William Crosby Florida West Coast Racing Association
1932 USA Comet (dinghy) 16 ft 0 in (4.88 m) Mr. C. Lowndes Johnson Chesapeake Bay Originally called the "Crab," then the Star Junior before taking on the name Comet
1932 IRL Dublin Bay Mermaid 17 ft 0 in (5.18 m) John B. Kearney Dublin Bay Sailing Club
1932 GBR British Moth 11 ft 0 in (3.35 m) Sydney Cheverton Active
1934 USA Hampton One Design 0 ft 0 in (0 m) Vincent Serio Hampton YC, Virginia [13]
1936 GBR Wivenhoe One Design 15 ft 0 in (4.57 m) Dr. Walter Radcliffe Various Wivenhoe Sailing Club Wivenhoe One-Design Association ~19 built, ~16 extant[14]
1937 GBR Menai Strait One Design 20 ft 0 in (6.10 m) 17 built, all still extant. Active [11][15]
1938 GBR Firefly 12 ft 0 in (3.66 m) Uffa Fox Fairley Marine & Other Active
1938/9 GBR Ace (national 18) 18 ft 0 in (5.49 m) Uffa Fox Whitstable YC [4]
1940s GBR Fowey River Class 15 ft 0 in (4.57 m) Reg Freeman[16] Active [17]
1945 USA Thistle 17 ft 1 in (5.21 m) Sandy Douglass [18]
1945 IRL Irish Dinghy Racing Association 14 footer 14 ft 0 in (4.27 m) George O'Brien Kennedy Various builders by Irish Dinghy Racing association Active fleets, Dublin Bay, Sutton, Clontarf. [19]
1947 UK Aldeburgh Lapwing 12 ft 7 in (3.84 m) Aldeburgh Active
1949 Worldwide GP14 14 ft 0 in (4.27 m) Jack Holt Active
1951 GBR Axe One Design 12 ft 3 in (3.73 m) Jack Drew Jack Drew Axe Yacht Club, Axmouth Axe Yacht Club Some 20 built up to the 1960s; ~7 extant [20][21]
1952 GBR Hornet 16 ft 0 in (4.88 m) Jack Holt NB: Restricted Class
1956 GBR Enterprise 13 ft 3 in (4.04 m) Jack Holt
1966 GBR Estuary OD 18 ft 0 in (5.49 m) Thames Structural Plastics and later E.R. Birch, both of Canvey Island [4]
Sandweaver 16 ~16 ft 0 in (4.88 m) based on Blakeney one design, in turm was based on an Uffa ACE 18
1897 IRL Howth 17 Footer 24 ft 6 in (7.47 m) W. Herbert Boyd Various builders Howth Yacht Club Howth Yacht Club About 17 boats actively race weekly. This is a one-design keelboat, and not a dinghy.[22]
GBR Yachting World Dayboat 0 ft 0 in (0 m) Active[23]
GBR Norfolk Punt 0 ft 0 in (0 m) Active[24]
GBR SCOW 0 ft 0 in (0 m)
GBR Bembridge SCOW 0 ft 0 in (0 m) [25]
GBR Lymington SCOW 0 ft 0 in (0 m)
GBR Salcombe A Class 0 ft 0 in (0 m) Not Active[26]
0 ft 0 in (0 m)

Classic Development Dinghy Classes[edit]

Year Nationality Name Length Designer Builder Origins Active Fleets Notes
1898 GBR Thames A-class rater 0 ft 0 in (0 m) Various Various River Racing at the end of the 19thC Thames Sailing Club
1928 AUS Australian precursor to Moth Class 11 ft 0 in (3.35 m) Various Various Len Morris at Inverloch
1929 USA American Moth Boat 11 ft 0 in (3.35 m) Various Various Started by Captain Joel Van Sant Elizabeth City, North Carolina
1972 Worldwide International Moth 11 ft 0 in (3.35 m) Various Various Merged from AUS, USA, NZL and GBR classes Widely distributed
1996 Worldwide International 14 14 ft 0 in (4.27 m) Various Various Merged from UK class formed 1923 which became Int 14 in 1927 and AUS class formed late 19thC Widely distributed
1936 GBR National 12 12 ft 0 in (3.66 m) Various Various Created by the UK RYA as a cheaper alternative to the 14 ft Class Widely distributed in GBR
1951 GBR Merlin Rocket 14 ft 0 in (4.27 m) Various Various Merged from the Merlin (1949) and Rocket (1951) Classes Widely distributed in GBR
1951 NZL/AUS/GBR Cherub Class 12 ft 0 in (3.66 m) Various Various Founded by John Spencer in New Zealand from the Pennant Class. Widely distributed in GBR and AUS
late 19thC Mainly AUS 18ft Skiff 18 ft 0 in (5.49 m) Various Various 19thC AUS Mainly Sydney area Skiff clubs, a few worldwide.
early 20thC AUS/NZL 12ft Skiff 12 ft 0 in (3.66 m) Various Various 19thC AUS and NZL Q Class Mainly Sydney & Auckland

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