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Jack Holt, OBE (1912–1995) was a prolific designer of sailing dinghies. His pioneering designs of dinghies using plywood did much to popularise the sport of sailing in the period immediately following World War II.[1]

Born in Hammersmith, London near the River Thames Holt designed more than 40 boats, many of which are listed below. He worked for many years with fellow sailing enthusiast and businessman Beecher Moore.[2]

Jack Holt was awarded an OBE in 1979 for his services to sailing.

Sailing Clubs[edit]

Jack Holt has been associated with several sailing clubs. His premises were next door to Ranelagh Sailing Club, and he designed the Merlin Rocket and his National 12 designs there.

In 1956 he was a co-founder of Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club[3]

He was closely associated with the London Corinthian Sailing Club,[4] very close to his Putney premises

Jack Holt Designs[edit]

A selection of Jack Holt plans are held in the archives of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.


In addition to designing boats, Jack was also a boatbuilder. His fittings business was in the loft above the boatbuilding workshop. Naturally he built all the boats he designed, but he also built boats designed by others, including the Albacore[21]

Sailing fittings[edit]

Jack collaborated with Glen and Tony Allen from Essex to manufacture and supply a lightweight range of dinghy fittings, the fittings were known as Holt Allen fittings for 52 years until 2008 when the Allen side decided to distribute the fittings themselves under the brand Allen[1]. The companies now trade separately as Holt Marine Ltd [2] and Allen Brothers (Fittings) Ltd [3]


Sails for early Puffins, those with a puffin silhouette on the main, were deep blue in colour and were made by Jack Holt Sails of Putney, England.

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