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Claudius Agathemerus (Gr. Κλαύδιος Ἀγαθήμερος) was an ancient Greek physician who lived in the 1st century. He was born in the Lacedaemon, and was a pupil of the philosopher Cornutus, in whose house he became acquainted with the poet Persius about 50 AD.[1] In the old editions of Suetonius he is called Agaternus, a mistake which was first corrected by Reinesius,[2] from the epitaph upon him and his wife, Myrtale, which is preserved in the Marmora Oxoniensia and the Greek Anthology.[3] The apparent anomaly of a Roman praenomen being given to a Greek may be accounted for by the fact which we learn from Suetonius,[4] that the Spartans were the hereditary clients of the gens Claudia.[5][6]


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