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Claus Hempler is a Danish singer/songwriter who was the front man in the Danish band Fielfraz[1] from 1981 to 1996.

Fielfraz split up in 1996, but Claus Hempler continued to make music, releasing the solo album Charm School for Pop Singers in 1999. The album, which was primarily jazz, didn't generate much buzz in Denmark and wasn't played much on the radio.

Hempler later released Hempler in 2004 with greater success than his first solo album. Unlike Charm School for Pop Singers, Hempler received good reviews in the Danish media, and the single "Unlucky in Love" was a small hit on some radio stations.

In 2007, Claus Hempler released Return of the Yes Man, a soft-rock album, which also received good reviews in the Danish media.


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