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Claus Wilcke (born 12 August 1939 in Bremen) is a German actor who has played Americans in the German TV shows Percy Stuart and I.O.B. Spezialauftrag. He has also dubbed many American actors including Elvis Presley and Michael Landon for cinema and TV. He has won several German awards.[1]

Claus Wilcke


Claus Wilcke started as a stage actor. He passed a complete classic training and graduated.[2] Moreover he was trained for stunts in London and played many sports such as fencing and riding.[3] In 1958 he appeared for the first time on the big screen. After 20 feature films and three guest appearances in Jason King (TV series), he was cast for Percy Stuart.[4][5] Nearly all of his stunts were done by himself because the insurance companies back then didn't hinder him.[6]

Later he played roles in numerous other German TV shows[7] and on very many theatre stages[8] all over Germany. He is also a very sought-after voice-over actor.[9] In 2012 he had a cameo appearance in Iron Sky where he is the white-bearded politician at the international conference who repeatedly laughs at the fictitious President of the United States until he gets angry and throws a shoe at her.

Private Life[edit]

Claus Wilcke is married and has two children, Nicolas and Alexandra.

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