Clinch County School District

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Clinch County School District
119 North College Street
Homerville, Georgia 31634-3401
United States
Coordinates 31°02′09″N 82°45′04″W / 31.035841°N 82.751160°W / 31.035841; -82.751160Coordinates: 31°02′09″N 82°45′04″W / 31.035841°N 82.751160°W / 31.035841; -82.751160[1]
Superintendent Gayle C. Hughes
Faculty 96[2]
Grades Pre-school - 12
Enrollment 1,499[2]
Accreditations Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Georgia Accrediting Commission
Telephone (912) 487-5321
Fax (912) 487-5068

The Clinch County School District is a public school district in Clinch County, Georgia based in Homerville, Georgia. It serves the communities of Argyle, Du Pont, Fargo, and Homerville, Georgia.


The Clinch County School District has two elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and one charter school.[3]

Elementary School[edit]

  • Clinch County Elementary School
  • Clinch County Elementary School - Fargo Campus

Middle School[edit]

  • Clinch County Middle School

High School[edit]


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