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Clint Eastwood
Birth nameRobert Brammer

Clint Eastwood (born Robert Brammer) is a Jamaican reggae deejay, who recorded as a solo artist in the late 1970s and early 1980s before teaming up with UK deejay General Saint as the duo Clint Eastwood & General Saint.


The younger brother of Trinity, Brammer took the trend of adopting the names of characters from spaghetti westerns as stage names a step further by recording and performing under the name of one of the genre's most successful actors, Clint Eastwood. Eastwood recorded three albums in 1978 - African Youth and Step It In a Zion for producer Bunny Lee, and Death In The Arena for Channel One. Further albums followed in 1979 and 1980, including Sex Education for Greensleeves Records, Eastwood one of a group of deejays who led the move from 'cultural' chants to dancehall chat and 'slackness'.[1] 1981 saw the release of a live album recorded with Dillinger and the start of a partnership with General Saint. The duo's first release, "Tribute to General Echo" remembered the recently killed slack deejay,[1] and they would later hit the UK chart with their version of "Stop That Train". Both of the duo's albums made the top 5 of the UK Independent Chart.[2]


  • African Youth (1978) Third World/Gorgon
  • Death In The Arena (1978) Cha Cha
  • Step It In a Zion (1978) Live & Love
  • Jah Lights Shining (1979) Jamaica Sound
  • Love & Happiness (1979) Burning Vibrations
  • Clint Eastwood (Jamaica Sun) (1980) Amo
  • Sex Education (1980) Greensleeves
  • Live at London (1981) Vista (Dillinger & Clint Eastwood)
  • Two Bad D.J. (1981) Greensleeves (Clint Eastwood & General Saint)
  • Stop That Train (1983) Greensleeves (Clint Eastwood & General Saint)
  • BBC Radio 1 In Concert (199?) Windsong (Clint Eastwood & General Saint)
  • The Best of Clint Eastwood (1984) Culture Press
  • The Real Clint Eastwood (199?) Culture Press/Lagoon


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