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OriginLos Angeles, California, United States of America
GenresAlternative rock, gothic rock, industrial rock, electronica, progressive rock
Years activeLate 1990s–present
LabelsMetropolis Records
Associated actsNine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Gnarls Barkley
MembersChris Vrenna
Clint Walsh

Tweaker is an American alternative rock collaboration founded by Chris Vrenna in the late 1990s. Tweaker's musical style incorporates synthpop, progressive rock, modern jazz and electronica genres, and is characterized by a generally melancholy and sombre sound with distinctive artwork to match.

The album The Attraction to All Things Uncertain was Vrenna's "solo" debut and it was not until the follow-up album, 2 a.m. Wakeup Call, that Clint Walsh was announced as a permanent fixture to the band. While Vrenna and Walsh supply most instruments and electronics, many other famous musicians have lent their voices and talents to Tweaker, including Robert Smith, David Sylvian, Burton C. Bell, Craig Wedren, Will Oldham, Hamilton Leithauser, Buzz Osborne, Jonathan Bates and Johnny Marr.

The albums that have been released follow a central theme that was planned out and this was given to the collaborators.

Tweaker wrote and performed the theme music to Doom 3, Of which the theme song was released via the band's website. The rest of the soundtrack is accessible from the game's files.

Tweaker also composed the theme music for the animated television show Xiaolin Showdown.

While the Doom 3 theme was oriented with heavy metal, most of Tweaker's music presents a unique combination of synthpop, shoegaze, modern jazz, Dark Ambient and industrial.

Live performance[edit]

In 2004, Tweaker opened for Skinny Puppy on select dates with a full live band, consisting of Chris Vrenna (drums, percussion and keyboard), Clint Walsh (guitar and keyboard), William Faith (bass guitar) and Nick Young (vocals). They performed everything completely live (i.e., no pre-recorded tape), although they did have to alter some of their songs to fit the live format — the most extreme case being a completely revamped rock version of "Microsize Boy". The final performance on the tour was at QuakeCon 2005 in Dallas, TX.

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Studio albums[edit]

Remix albums[edit]


  • Linoleum (August 21, 2001)


  • Linoleum (2001)
  • Xiaolin Showdown (2003)

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