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Clipper Equity LLC is a partnership led by David Bistricer and Sam Levinson. Clipper Equity is a multi-generational full-service firm specialized in new development, multifamily rentals and condominiums. A cornerstone of Clipper Equity’s philosophy and resulting success is its commitment to improving and enriching the “Quality of Life” for residents.[1]

Today, the family firm owns more than 60 buildings, with thousands of residential units, in New York and New Jersey.[2]


David Bistricer is CEO of Clipper Equity, a real estate firm started by his father in the 1950s.[2]

The business started with Bistricer’s parents, Moric (who also goes by Morris) and Elsa. During World War II, Moric hid from the Nazis in Budapest, and Elsa was sent to the infamous concentration camp Bergen-Belsen in Germany, according to David’s son Jacob, who goes by “J.J.” They emigrated from Brussels in 1951, bringing two-year-old David with them.[3]

Once in New York, the couple began buying and selling buildings, starting with properties on West End and Fifth avenues. By the late 1970s, Bistricer had joined the firm, and with his parents, owned at least a dozen apartment buildings in Brooklyn with hundreds of units.[4] The family business now spans three generations: Moric, now in his 90s, is still active in the company, while J.J. joined the firm in the mid-2000s.[3]

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