Clix (miniatures)

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Clix (miniatures)
Clix figure.png
Patent drawing of a Clix figure on a combat dial
Publisher(s) WizKids
Players 2 or more
Age range 14 and up
Setup time < 2 minutes (Excluding team building)
Playing time 30+ minutes, Game times vary depending on number of players and the number of build points being used.
Random chance Some (Dice rolling)
Skill(s) required Arithmetic
Common sense
Opportunity cost
Dice Rolling

Clix is a miniatures wargaming system developed by WizKids. It is characterized by the use of a dial wheel in the base of miniature figurines. The dial can be turned to reveal hidden information, representing the changing statistics of the figurine as the game progresses. This has been rebranded into the Combat Dial System by WizKids.[when?][citation needed]

Clix games include: