Cloud Kingdoms

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Cloud Kingdoms
Cloud Kingdoms Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Logotron, Brainware, Trigram, Electralyte, Dancing Bear
Publisher(s) Millennium Interactive Ltd.
Designer(s) Dene Carter (C64 version)
Programmer(s) John Gibbons (Amiga version), H Wing Lai (Amiga version), Steve Grand (PC conversion), Paul Docherty (Amiga version graphics)
Composer(s) David Whittaker (Amiga version)
Platform(s) Atari ST, Amiga, Commodore 64, MS-DOS
  • EU: 1990
Genre(s) Maze
Mode(s) Single-player

Cloud Kingdoms is a computer game created by Dene Carter and released in April 1990 for the Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64 and MS-DOS computers.

There is an unofficial version of the game for the Commodore Plus/4.[1]


Baron von Bonsai has stolen all the magic crystals of Cloud Kingdoms, and used them to turn the Happy Cloud Fairies into Bad Insect Monsters and Giant Rolling Blackballs. Terry, the hero, picks up his super-giant green skycopter and flies up into the Clouds to help get Cloud Kingdoms free again.[2]

At the game's start, the player is given a choice of which Kingdom to go for first (there are 15 levels on the C64 version and 32 in the Amiga/ST version). Four Kingdoms surround the player on the level selection screen. When a level is completed, the player is returned to the beginning to select a new Kingdom. Kingdoms that have already been completed will be marked with a flag.

After level selection, the player controls Terry (which has the form of a green ball) and rolls through the various levels of Cloud Kingdoms collecting keys to gain access to different sections, and avoiding enemy balls and bugs by jumping them where possible.

Displayed on the screen there are the player's score, the number of collected keys, the number of crystals remaining to complete the level and an energy bar. Each time the player touches an enemy, the energy bar lowers. The player loses a life if his energy goes to zero or if he falls down.

The entire game has also a time limit of 99 "Manukas".[3] When the time counter reaches zero, the game ends. When the player completes a level, 20 Manukas are added to the counter. Also, when the player collects a time clock bonus, 5 Manukas are given. When the player loses a life, 10 Manukas are subtracted.

Special features[edit]

In the C64 version, while in pause mode, the player can change Terry's colour by pressing the Commodore key.


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