C.S. Marítimo de Venezuela

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CS Marítimo Venezuela.JPG
Full name Club Sport Marítimo
Nickname(s) El Acorazado rojiverde
Founded 1959
Dissolved 1995
League Primera División Venezolana

Club Sport Marítimo, mostly known as Marítimo, was a football team from Caracas, Venezuela. The club was founded in 1959 by Portuguese immigrants living in Caracas, who based their new club on their favourite team from back home, CS Marítimo, from the island of Madeira, who today compete in the Superliga. The club was dissolved in 1995.


1986/87, 1987/88, 1989/90, 1992/93
1985, 2003/04
1988, 1989

Performance in CONMEBOL competitions[edit]

1988: First Round
1989: First Round
1991: First Round
1992: Round of 16
1994: First Round
1992: First Round