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Developer(s) Cube Software Solutions Inc.
Initial release June 2005
Stable release / 2014-04-26
Development status Active
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type DJ console and mixing
License Proprietary

ClubDJPro (often referred to as ClubDJ) is a DJ console and video mixing tool developed by Cube Software Solutions Inc. software. It was released in June 2005.

User interface[edit]

ClubDJPro has a GUI that was designed to allow aesthetic revisions via Skins. The skin engine that ClubDJPro uses allows for the ability to expand the software to take up the entire screen.

As of there are 3 user changeable skins included in the program which are changeable in the preferences tab. They are called 'AquaLung', 'Eleanor', and 'Grabber'.


ClubDJPro is available in two different editions, with separate features depending upon their target consumer group.

  • DJ Edition - Can play audio files only.
  • VJ Edition - Contains all of the features of the DJ Edition, in addition to support for video, karaoke, and visualizations.[1]

Supported Midi Controllers[edit]

Version History[edit]

The initial "final release" of ClubDJPro was released on June 24, 2005.

On the June 26, 2009, the ClubDJPro team released the 4th version where they showed the new completely re-written software which uses much less resources and is very stable.

Complications and known issues[edit]

No references found to confirm.

VJ6 DJ software

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