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Clyde Broadcast is a broadcast equipment manufacturer and integrator of broadcast studio products. The company HQ is based in Clydebank, UK and has installed radio studios in the UK,[1] Middle East,[2] Europe, Asia[3] Far East and Africa.[4] They have secondary offices/partners in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria as well as resellers in the Middle East, Far East and UK[5]


Items manufactured by Clyde include broadcast mixers, fader control surfaces (mixers), radio automation software, on-air logging, traffic scheduling software and studio furniture.[6] Clyde supplement these items with items manufactured by other companies to create their radio studio packages; So Easy Radio and Synergy.

System Integration[edit]

Clyde are successful system integrators worldwide, having installations in 4 of the 7 continents. In the UK, Clyde are exclusive representatives for the Klotz Digital range of broadcast mixers and routers. Elsewhere, they are representatives for outside broadcast systems,[7] multi-line POTS/IP telephone systems,[7] FM transmitters[8] and visual radio.[9]

Clyde Broadcast studio installations are used in many of the UK's national commercial radio stations[which?], hospital radio stations, commercial radio groups[which?] and school radio stations,[10] college media courses and community radio stations broadcast on an RSL. Clyde Broadcast built and designed Synergy[citation needed].


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